Jan 29

USA Wines

Wine is available all over the world because people from all over the world want to consume it. Wine is ubiquitous, regardless of what region of the world you are in—though it is certainly more popular in certain areas than in others. Wine is popular amongst all races, ages, nationalities, and sexes. The popularity of the beverage boils down to the fact that it is intoxicating both in terms of alcohol content and taste. If you want wine, you can get it all over the world—but many people do not immediately think of the United States as a producer of wine. This is wrong, of course, the United States produces a number of wines and many of them are worth exploring.

Wine is a beverage that has a rich history reaching back some eight thousand years as far as archaeologists know. It has been a favorite beverage in many countries for thousands of years. However, wine is relatively new to America—having been here for only three-hundred years or so. Wine is new to the United States, but that does not mean it is not a well-appreciated art form and skill. USA Wines are produced in all fifty states in the U.S., though 89% of wine production is based in California. If you are amazed that wines are produced in Arkansas, Maine, and Alaska—don’t be, that just explains exactly how popular wine is in the United States and how versatile the industry is there.

USA Wines, unlike various French or Italian wines, do not follow a certain taste or color palette. The array of tastes, colors, and types of wines speak to the diversity of wine drinkers and producers in the United States. The U.S. is one of the largest producers of wine in the world, ranking fourth behind France, Italy, and Spain. There are a number native grapes to the North American continent and wines are made from them, but it is mostly non-native grapes from Europe that are used for wine making.

The first American wines were made in the 1560s by French settlers. Today there are over 3,000 commercial vineyards all over the United State—this is an impressive number even in an expansive and populated country like the U.S. Wines produced in the United States have become more and more popular, both domestically and internationally, with hundreds of millions of gallons produced each year. The increased production is a reflection of the increased demand in the United States for domestically produced wines and new flavors.

USA Wines are highly rated these days because many of the world’s most respected specialists in wine making now work in the United States. The industry in the United States is home to a great deal of diversity—every type of wine from Merlots and Cabernets to Pinot Noir and Meritage. That diversity means that wine drinkers in the United States are exposed to every type of wine on the market, in addition to all of the foreign wines they can imbibe. It is truly amazing how broad the production and marketing of USA Wines has expanded over the last few decades.

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